Hi there! I found some people were still having some problems discovering all the "Break" bonuses in BLUE REVOLVER. It was never really my intention to keep them a true secret, so if you can't figure out from the in-game Break guide, here's a quick text description of the conditions and value of each bonus. If you're a Japanese fan or other non-English speaker, hopefully machine translation can at least help you a little. And if you're a fan of BLUE REVOLVER, you should follow our [Twitter](https://twitter.com/stellarcircle_), we hope to announce something very exciting about the game very soon. - danbo, lead designer ## ![](dee.png) v1.1 ### Stage 1 * FB-12 "PULPIT". Destroy both wings of the midboss in quick succession. The timing is fairly lenient, but you should aim to destroy the second wing by the time the midboss recovers from the recoil of destroying the first wing. **500,000** * CR-19 "BLUSTER". The boss has 4 options. The bonus will be awarded if they are all dead when this attack pattern ends. Options will respawn 3.5 seconds after initial destruction. **1,000,000** * FR-10 "GUTTERSNIPE". Destroy both wings. There is no timing requirement - however, scoring this particular bonus will make the attack pattern a little harder. **500,000** ### Stage 2 * First large boat. Destroy all of the small turrets, then the "core" on the right side of the ship. You'll have to be pretty fast. You can get a lot of extra points by doing a x64 Flourish at this point. **100,000** * CSD-34 "FOCUS". Don't shoot down Val's midboss ship until it starts this attack pattern. At that point, fire at will - the longer you take, the harder the pattern becomes, so softening it up beforehand is ideal. **200,000** * Second large boat. All 8 large turrets must be destroyed before destroying the core, and you must pair them by their colour. The small turrets on the boat have no bearing on this bonus, fire at will. **300,000** * AR-24 "MIRAGE". At the start of this attack pattern, look for the floating pod with the white marker over it. This should be destroyed before any of the other pods - look out for the green effects coming off the pod when you shoot it to help keep track. **100,000** * MR-29 "HEURISTIC". Destroy all 4 of the floating pods. Frankly, it would be more impressive to not get this one. **500,000** * LRX-22 "NUDGE". Don't destroy all 4 of the floating pods. You can destroy 1, 2 or 3 and still get the full bonus - if all are destroyed, you won't get it. **300,000** ### Stage 3 * TR-54 "SIGNATURE". All 4 of the large side turrets at the front of the large midboss ship must be destroyed before the core. **500,000** * Glitch/hacking section after the midboss. Destroy 80% of the enemies. Note that this includes enemies spawned by other enemies - try leaving the "carrier"-type enemies alive until they're done spawning enemies. Use bombs and special weapons liberally. **2,000,000** * FBD-48 "INQUIRY". Destroy both side cannons. As with "GUTTERSNIPE", this makes the pattern a little harder. **200,000** * MB-53 "WIZARD". There is an [alternate attack](wizard-break.png) this boss does from the center of the screen, consisting only of small blue bullets. Finish this phase while this attack is active. Controlling your power is essential. **200,000** * LB-50 "RAPID EYE MOVEMENT". Clear this attack pattern without destroying any of the pink side turrets. Destroying them would make your life a lot easier, but... **400,000** * LRD-57 "OVERTIME". Finish the boss off during the punch attack. The timing on this can be quite strict, you'll have to commit to it a little. **400,000** ### Stage 4 * Mid-size enemy with 4 floating options. Destroy all floating options before the main enemy. **500,000** * MR-78 "MUDDLE". Destroy the side options, then destroy the vulnerable core of the enemy before it can fly away. Note that the armoured shell will block your shots - using a bomb to close the distance safely will make this bonus easy to get. **500,000** * ARX-75 "SLATHER". Clear this attack pattern after 20 seconds have passed. Basically, don't speedkill it with special weapons. Difficult not to get for honest players. **500,000** * LS-62 "SUNDER". Clear this attack pattern while the boss' torso section is open. This is very easy to get, since the big arms tend to block damage at all other times. (Stage 4's boss can be tricky for players, so I wanted to feed them some extra points for getting this far to hopefully get the last extend...) **500,000** * LMR-79 "MONTE CARLO". Don't destroy any of the side "cannons" that fly in. Going for this bonus restricts your movement heavily, so it can be quite scary. **500,000** * "VDM-86". Kill the boss by timing it out instead of by shooting it. This takes about 40 seconds, and can be quite tricky since focused movement means doing damage. **1,000,000** ## Stage 5 * LBH-90 "GRIDIRON". Destroy the large blocks at the front of the ship from left to right. Destroying the small turrets on the boss has no bearing on the bonus. **500,000** * CB-87 "POUND". Destroy both arms in quick succession. The timing is very strict compared to "PULPIT" - you'll need to soften up both arms ahead of time. **500,000** * OSH-80 "SQUIB". Clear this attack pattern by having the large "pinball" shield projectile bounce off the boss. It does a surprising amount of damage when it hits, but the positioning required might be scary. **500,000** * LBH-94 "VANGUARD". Clear the attack pattern after destroying the large "shield", without giving the boss enough time to create a replacement. This will require a lot of timing. Watch out for red flickering on critically-damaged enemies/projectiles. **500,000** * VX-86 "FILIBUSTER MK.V". This boss has an attack that looks like an evil version of the "Plasma Lancer". Clear this attack pattern during this specific attack. (Note: the purple lines always precede it) **500,000** * ARX-100 "REVOLVER". Destroy the boss using a special weapon. Note: this boss has high damage resistance initially, which wears off as the attack pattern gets wilder. Hold off on burning your ammo until the attack pattern is at its highest ferocity. **2,000,000** * True Last Boss. Each attack phase lasts for 31 seconds before moving onto the next. Drain the health bar before this happens to get a bonus for each phase. **2,000,000 x 5**