Thank you for playing.

A year ago we launched BLUE REVOLVER. Intended as both a love-letter to the STG genre and a "stepping stone" for newcomers, we were met with a small but very positive reception across the board. Games like ours amount to nothing without players, and these days, it's a hard task for a new STG to get noticed. So we'd like to show our appreciation.

BLUE REVOLVER: DOUBLE ACTION is a comprehensive rerelease of our game, with the aim of making the game even more welcoming to newcomers and more fun for masters. It's totally free, and will be available on Steam, Humble and (and so will the old, "classic" version of the game).

DOUBLE ACTION is still in development, release date TBA.

Here's what you can look forward to in Double Action. Please note, this is still a work-in-progress, and we may want to change or do some things differently by the time the update drops.

  • Standard play is now "Arcade Mode", featuring rebalanced weapons, reworked BREAKs, gameplay tweaks, an overhauled last stage and greater scoring potential for masters to chase.
  • Missions mode is entirely reworked - new structure, more unique missions, score tracking. Missions are tuned to be generally easier / more permissive, with bigger requirements to get the top rewards.
  • Experimental Weapon mode becomes "Arrange Mode" - powerful weapons with recharging ammo and an all-new scoring system. Intended for experts, but enjoyable at all skill levels.
  • An all-new extra mode puts Dee in the pilot seat, featuring short quick-fire "bursts" of gameplay and a new powerup system. How long can you last?
  • New arranged soundtrack by Exemia and Hagane.
  • New, expanded tutorials better introduce the fundamentals.
  • Tons of new unlockables - including "Data Files" that reveal more about the world and characters, graphical filters and more.
  • "Gadgets" put extra game information on-screen for widescreen resolutions, with better stat tracking for things like personal best stage scores and breaks acquired.
  • More localizations (exact list TBC) and support for user-created localizations.
  • Plenty of extra quality-of-life stuff.

Arrange Soundtrack Sample

As said before, we consider this a rerelease, and we'd like just one more shot at getting the game in front of more people/sites, so if you're excited about this, please spread the word! There are one or two other things in the pipeline that we're very excited about, please follow our Twitter for more information when it arrives.