A fresh new manic shooter, built for maniacs and newcomers alike.
For Windows, OS X and Linux.


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Let's go!

Inspired by the CAVE/Raizing classics of the STG golden age, Blue Revolver is built from the ground up to be fast, lean and furious. Play as Mae - a rabbit-eared technical genius on the run from maniac environmental group "Blue Revolver", and shoot through 5 stages of struggle. Snowy mountains, busy dockyards, nightmare bases and more await you on your fight-and-flight rampage - each packed to the brim with vicious enemies, violent bosses and thousands of bullets!

You're far from helpless though. Your ship is just as good at spewing out bullets as anything they can offer, and comes loaded with enough smart bombs to turn even the most nightmarish situation upside down - not only that, but each ship type comes with four special weapons to choose from, fully charged and customized for any number of tasks - slicing through groups of enemies, carving up bosses, blocking bullets or turning a screen full of chaos into a screen full of glistening point items!

For beginners!

Manic shooters can be daunting to get into, but infinitely rewarding once you understand the basics. With this in mind, we sought to make Blue Revolver truly beginner-friendly - our easiest mode will manage your bombs for you and heavily reign in the bullet patterns, but we haven't stopped there.

If going for a full clear is a bit too much right away, our Mission mode offers 24 bite-size chunks of shooting action. Each one is designed to build your skills in different ways - from pure survival and scoring challenges, to tests of endurance against multiple bosses, to odd things like experimental weapons and huge nemesis bullets that constantly follow you...

We also feature a dynamic difficulty system - the difficulty climbs higher and higher the better you are, but should you suffer a bullet right where it hurts - the game eases up on you and lets you regain your breath. Far from being the end - losing a life here and there is simply part of the process!

For psychos!

Once you're ready to up your game, it's time to chase high scores! At the heart of Blue Revolver lies the "flourish" scoring system - simple to learn, hard to master - with countless applications. Destroy enemies in quick succession to build up an 8-chain, then let loose on some big juicy targets with your special weapon to cash in a huge score reward - then your chain resets, and you can do it all over again. Where will you strike fiercest? Where will you build and cash in your chains? How will you spend that precious ammo? To push yourself even further, "BREAK" bonuses are awarded by destroying specific enemies in difficult ways...

Parallel mode offers you more resources to play around with, but in exchange for such decadence the game is locked at the hardest it can push you! Beating this mode is for the truly stellar - and don't worry, there's a "nice" surprise at the end.


  • Windows, OS X, Linux
  • Vibrant pixel art style
  • Full original soundtrack
  • 5 stages of heart-pounding struggle
  • 3 difficulty modes
  • 8 special weapons
  • 24 missions
  • Unlockable art, remix tracks and more
  • Screen scaling options + rotate mode
  • Coming to Steam, itch.io and more


Twitter is the best way to follow the development of the game. Look forward to the release in October!

We've been Greenlit on Steam! Thank you so much!